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Stage Dance Academy offers a broad range of dance classes in all levels from beginner to advanced.

The Stage Dance Academy's beginner lessons "lasts" for 6 months, and we encourage you to repeat this to gain knowledge and control of the basics.

After 6 months you are ready to sign up for the improver classes and then to intermediate.

This gives you the right tools for having an enjoyable and fun social dancing.

Special courses require improver/intermediate level. 

No matter your background, status or difficulties, dance courses at Stage Dance Academy are suitable for you!

At Stage Dance Academy we encourage you to ask our instructors before, during and after each course to personally assess your level and advice you on how best to move forward!

Stage Dance Academy offers Salsa, Cross-body, Bachata Dominican, Kizomba  and more...


We also have show groups "in some of the dances"

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