DANCE PARTY: New Years Eve

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A New Year is on the way and the possibilities are endless ..
One old saying tells : How you celebrate the New Year's Eve , so your next year will be ..
Don't we wanna dance next year ?! Don't we wanna have joy and fun ?! Don't we wanna be a part of THE STAGE ?! Oh , yes we do, yes we do , yes we do !! So let's gather here at THE STAGE to close the door of 2022,let's remember what good it brought to us , let's learn from the bad that happened and start on a very blank page , right here when we hear the last counting of 2022! And just dance into the New - 2023!!!
19.30 - 22.00 Buffet /dining
22.00 - doors opens again if you just want to join the dancepart
24.00 We salute 2022 - and party goes on 🙂
CC Kr. 275 NOK -
Children kr: 0 NOK
For dinner - bring a dish to share .
We do not have barservice this evening so you are allowed to bring your own drinks .
Pre-register online via link - or pay by door .

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