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The History

A group of dancers from former Stil Dans at UiS created the label The Stage and acquired the venue in september '14. Only two month later, after a massive renovation, the Grand Opening took place and in january the following year the first course round of dancing started at this amazing place.


Now in 2021 The Stage and Stage Dance Academy are still going strong.

Who are we?

Our Hosts

  • Gert

Gert is our Handy-hunk

Our instructors

These are our awesome instructors

  • Nii

Nii is an inspiring dancer and instructor in salsa (x-body/On1/LA/line style with crossover to Cuban Salsa) with over 15 years of social dancing experience. He is also an accomplished bachata, merengue, reggaeton and the now popular Kizomba dancer & instructor. His Ghanaian roots equip him with a unique understanding & appreciation of rhythms in music. Nii is also a co-founder of Kizomba K'nekt'n Stavanger.

Meet our lovely hosts

  • Mai Elin

Mai Elin is our Boss-lady

  • Judolf

Judolf is our West Coast Swing instructor

  • Hugrún

Hugrún is an Icelandic salsa teacher & choreographer. She started dancing ballroom when at the age of 5 years but changed to jazz ballet during her teenage years. She found Salsa in Guatemala where she stayed for a while and then moved on to take more salsa lessons in Barcelona & Oslo. She has over 10 years experience in teaching salsa, both in Iceland & Stavanger, and she loves getting her students inspired to dance.

  • Adria

Adria has always had a passion for dance. With over 15 years of salsa experience, her love for the dance, rhythm & music is forever strong! Dancing socially, performing and attending international congresses, Adria has specialized in line style and mainly teaches salsa on1, but also instructs other latin dance styles. Her smile and humble approach always makes you feel welcome & inspires you to dance!​

  • Allen

Allen is American.

  • Lene


  • Stephanie


  • Christina


  • Angelica


Our DJs

  • Dj Nessu

Nessu is his name and flow is his game. Both in his mixing style and on the dance floor. Nessu started his social dancing carreer about the same time as The Stage opened their doors and later started to Dj. His Dj set can easily go from the deepest Tarraxa to the best Semba. 

We also have DJs, some of the best

  • Dj MaiE

MaiE is one of the most loved & sought-after Dj's in Stavanger‘s latin dance scene. Her characteristic style is playing happy music & being sharp to read the dance floor. With eagle eyes she sees who's there and delivers what they want. Dj MaiE always provides a great selection of music variety to suit every dance style (from Cuban/Line Salsa, Reggaeton, Merengue, Dominican/ Sensual Bachata, to Kizomba, & other Latin pop tunes). She mixes perfectly; anything from new releases to the classics.

  • Dj Espen

Espen is our West Coast Swing DJ

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